What is a Hi Touch? 

What time does the convention start and end? 

This is a concert and convention? 

- Yes

With a general ticket, I can go to the convention. meet special guest and watch the concert? 

- Yes

Where can I get a map or pamphlet for the Expo? 

- If you sign up or subscribe to our page, we will be sending updated information or check the website once a week for more info. 

Once I buy a Pass, what next? 

- We will send you a email with the barcode and confirmation number. The day of the event please come early as possible and line up to pre-registration to pick up your pass. 

I am a minor, can I still buy a ticket and come alone? 

- You are to bring a parent or be accompanied with an adult of proper age. We are not responsible for your actions. 

As a minor bringing a parents or an adult of age, is it free the second pass or ticket? 

- No, you will have to buy a second badge for the parent or adult of proper age. 

How big is this venue? 

- The venue is small meaning you will have a better view up close to the stage. The venue can fit 5,000 people. 

What if I want to buy a pass or ticket at the con? 

- This might be our first convention but we highly recommend that you buy one online and as soon as possible before it sells out. 


I lost my pass/got stolen/destroyed/ I want a refund/I bought two by mistake! 

- Unfortunately, any purchase is FINAL! 

Is there parking? 

- Unfortunately, no

Will there be a K-Expo in 2019? 

-Depending on all of you and we promise it will get bigger and better with every year! 

Can't find your questions and answers here, please contact us for more information! 

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