Rules and Policies

Gift policy / Fan signage size and type restriction / Red carpet camera policy / Check - in (registration) policy / Artist engagement rules and policies / performance rules & policies / Main stage camera policy / Code of conduct / Wristband / Prohibited Actions & Items / Exhibitors / Brand Usage



Gift size & weight (for The Rose, A.C.E, and ASTRO)

   - portable gifts only

   - Gifts over 2 lbs (32 OZ) will be not accepted.

   - Gifts can be up to 20 inches in (Length, Width, Height) combined.

   - Gifts can’t be wrapped (open gift ONLY)

   - Please bring your gifts in a clear bag so that we can deliver them easily to the artists.

*L (Kim Myung Soo) will accept letters ONLY.

Drop Off Place

   - Artist Engagement attendees are allowed to drop off gifts or letters during the Artist Engagement sessions.

   - There will be a specific table within the Expo to drop off your gift for P4 holders.

   * Accepting Time: 11:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Prohibited items

   - Any flammable items, weapons, food, beverage, sharp items, any items that are harmful for human-bodies, nothing political, religious that artists feel offensive

  * When you drop your gift at the proper table, our staff will check each item to approve that are eligible for all the rules above. Once you have dropped it off, there is a no take back policy. No Take Back Policy consist of dropping it off but you are unable to take it back. If you have put it on the wrong table, unfortunately we cannot let you touch the drop off gift table no matter the situation. We do hope you understand!






Any size of fan signage that block the view of the people behind you will be not allowed!

   - Size limit of the fan signage: 10-inch X 5-inch (250mm X 125mm)

Please do not hold up the fan signage over your head during the shows.





Camera Types

   - Cell phones and / or small, non- professional camera (e.g., cameras without detachable lenses, telephoto or zoom lenses, external flashes) are generally allowed during the Red Carpet, non- commercial use, photos and videos can’t be sold or otherwise published, uploaded, reproduced, transmitted or distributor for commercial exploitation in any manner whatsoever. NO Flash during the Red Carpet!

   - If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed from the area without refund.



Admission to Melrose Ballroom is available to the following people only: K-Expo ticket holders / Special Guest / Press


Check-in (Registration) Schedule

    - Special Guest and Press ticket holders Check-in will take place at 8:00 AM (Come to the front / Skip the line)

    - P1 and Red-carpet ticket holders Check-in will take place at 9:00 AM

    - P2 & P3 ticket holders Check-in will take place at 10:00 AM

    - P4 ticket holders Check- in will take place at 11:00 PM

Check-in areas will be located within the outdoor lot of Melrose Ballroom.


There will be separate check-in areas/lines for P1& Red-carpet, P2 ,P3 and  P4


Event badge holders (including guest and press pass holders) will be checked-in at a separate area.


Entry schedule into Melrose Ballroom.

    - P1 and Red-carpet ticket holder’s entry will begin at 10:30 AM

    - P2 & P3 ticket holders’ entry will begin at 11:30 AM

    - P4 ticket holder’s entry will begin at 12:00 PM





All Artist Engagement attendees are expected to comply with the Code.

Artist Engagements are controlled access programming.  You may only enter if you have the appropriate voucher and ticket. Voucher substitutions are not allowed with K-expo. However, voucher can be exchange between friends or family.


Please be careful with your Artist Engagement vouchers.  There is a set quantity of vouchers provided to our k-expo fans, and extras cannot be made or otherwise replaced.  All That Group LLC is not responsible for any lost or damaged Artist Engagement vouchers.

Once the Artist Engagement has finished, all K-expo Fans must exit the area to make room for the next session.

The artist engagement type you can access are determined SOLELY by the voucher you receive at K-Expo Registration.


Artist Engagement voucher – Line-Up Procedures


On your voucher, you will have a group number next to the artist name or artist initials. The announcement will be called either through the speakers or speaker phone. Your voucher with the number and artist name will be called to line up for the engagement near the second floor entrance.

Official lines will form approximately thirty (30) minutes before the start of each Artist Engagement session.

There will be two separate lines formed for two separate artists.

Audience vouchers holders will submit their vouchers upon entry.

Out of respect for other K-Expo attendee, please do not cut anyone in line.


Artist Engagement – Restrictions


For your safety (and the safety of others), do not run in the Artist Engagement area!


   - The 'Fast-Pass' can only be used for the artist engagement sessions. ‘Fast-Pass’ will be   given to the people who bought two or more Artist Engagement Vouchers (two or more vouchers under ONE person's name only). They can attend all the artist engagements they have bought with the 'Fast-Pass'. Fast-Pass holders are allowed to skip the line.


If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed and barred from attending any others.

   - Hi-Touch Voucher Holders:Hi-fives only Rules!

  1.  Do not kiss, shake hands, hug, grab, or make any other physical contact with the artists.

  2.  Please store all cell phones and point-and-shoot cameras away in your bags or back pockets


   - Please line-up when instructed to do so!

  1. You must listen to K-Expo staff when asked to line up for Hi-Touch. If you do not  line up or are otherwise distracted, you may miss your chance to participate!


   - Do not hold up the line!

  1.  Please follow the crowd and don’t hold up the line. There is a limited amount of time, so please do not inconvenience others!


   - Gifts for artists are not allowed in the artist engagement but we will have a proper space and location to drop off your gifts for the artist!

  1.  We understand you are passionate and would like to show your appreciation to the artists, but this is for the artists’ safety! Please understand!


   - No oversized or inappropriate signage!


Artist Engagement – Disclaimer


Artist Engagement schedules are subject to change or cancellation at any time due to  unforeseen circumstances.

If there are any changes or cancellations, All That Group LLC will notify you via the official K-Expo website.

   - All that Group LLC is not liable for any delayed information about schedule changes including, but not limited to, errors within the website, lack of signal in regards to SMS messaging, etc.


Artist Engagement – Photo & Video Policy


Please store any types of cameras away prior to entering the Artist Engagement session.

Be sure to carefully read other posted regulations that apply to Artist Engagement session, and always follow K-Expo staff’s instructions. If you do not follow the rules or instructions, you may be asked to leave from the area without any refund.

   - Cameras (regardless of the type) are prohibited! Do not bring any type of camera into the Artist Engagement session! NO cell phones as well!

  1. If a K-Expo staff member or security personnel asks you to put your camera or cell phone away, you must do so.


   - Any devices that stretch your phone or cameras away from your hand or body (e.g.,      selfie-sticks, Go-Pro poles, tripods, stilts) are not allowed!


   - Video recording equipment such as hand-held camcorders, Google Glass and Go-Pros are not allowed in the Artist Engagement sessions! Please put these away.




Performance Line up procedures

   - Like Artist Engagement tickets, only P1&P2 ticket holders will have a group number next to the tier name on your wristband.

   - After Artist Engagement, P1&P2 ticket holders will line up inside and P3&P4 outside (P3:Outside Main Entrance / P4: Outdoor Lot)

   - Lining up for P1&P2 will be progressed numerically by group numbers. The announcement will be called either through the speakers or speaker phone.

   - After P1&P2 ticket holders take their place in the assigned zone, following P3&P4 will enter inside.    


Other rules and policies   

   - Smoking during the concert is strictly prohibited.

   - DON’T push any people, and please follow the K-Expo staff’s directions if emergency happens.

   - During the fan engagement at the concert, DON’T do any unexpected behavior that might harmful to anyone’s physical or mental health.





Camera Types

   - Cell phones and / or small, non- professional camera (e.g., cameras without detachable lenses, telephoto or zoom lenses, external flashes) are generally allowed during the main stage performances, non- commercial use, photos and videos can’t be sold or otherwise published, uploaded, reproduced, transmitted or distributor for commercial exploitation in any manner whatsoever. NO Flash during the performances!

Photo and Video Rules

   - Please be sure to read our photo and video rules that apply to certain designated programming areas (e.g., Artist Engagement, performances and more) and always follow K-Expo staff instructions.  If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed from the area without refund.


Following this simple Code of Conduct helps ensure a safe convention and that everyone will have fun.  Your own good judgment and courtesy towards others are key.

Please don’t hesitate to call security if you see anything suspicious.

To participate in and/or attend any K-Expo Event (referred to below as the “Event” regardless of whether it’s All That Group, DramaFever, or another one of our Events), you must comply with this Code of Conduct in order to attend and/or participate in these Events. K-Expo (All that Group) reserves the right to modify and/or update any policy at any time without prior notice.  Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in forfeiture of your Event badge or wristband, your expulsion from the Event and/or termination of your position with All That Group. Where the Code of Conduct refers to “All That Group written consent”, such written consent may be in the form of a separate written exhibitor/sponsorship agreement, vendor agreement, facility rental agreement, or other form of written agreement or permit.




Please be prepared to show proof of age and identification when entering the Event or any program at the Event. We will only accept the following forms of identification: government-issued driver’s licenses or identification cards, passports, or military identification.

Please wear your Event badge/wristband at all times during the Event. Terms and conditions printed on the Badges/wristband apply to you and you must conduct yourself accordingly.




The following, as such violations are determined in ALL THAT GROUP sole discretion, are not permitted at the Event or its surrounding areas, including the parking lots, and structures:


Failure to be appropriately clothed, as determined by the sole discretion of All THAT GROUP. Please follow local laws, rules, and regulations when selecting your costume.

Assaulting, threatening, behaving inappropriately to another person, discriminating conduct of any nature whatsoever, making racial, religious, ethnic, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or other slurs, bullying, and/or expressing any act of hatred towards another.

Lewd or offensive behavior, such as profanity, obscene language or conduct, exposing nipples or genitals, making recordings in bathrooms, bedrooms, or of nipples, genitals or up skirts.

Conducting commercial or business transactions without ALL THAT GROUP prior written consent, including without limitation, selling food or beverages from unauthorized carts, stands, or ice chests inside or outside Event venues solicitation of money, contributions, or donations; distribution of commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, such as signs, flyers, cards, or offers of discounts on rides, or other products or services; or offering samples of items which are sold, available for sale, or available in exchange for a donation or contribution.

Unlawful conduct or failure to comply with the policies, rules, or instructions of All THAT GROUP, Event staff, the Event facility affiliated with the Event, or law enforcement officers.

Smoking / Vaping:

Never Inside: No smoking or vaping is permitted inside any of the Event Facilities, unless there is a place specifically designated by the Event Facility that permits either.

Limited Outside: Smoking or vaping must be at least 20 feet away from all entrances per New York Government Code.

Possessing any illegal substance. ALL THAT GROUP DOES NOT tolerate illegal substances in or around Events.

Any action that impedes the flow of traffic, creates a potential or actual hazardous condition, or is deemed to interfere with ALL THAT GROUP. Individuals may be asked to move or discontinue their actions.  By way of example, an individual may be asked to relocate or terminate an activity in order to disperse a crowd which impedes traffic flow.

Any noise or music that is disruptive to other attendees or the operation of the ALL THAT GROUP.

No Soliciting

Riding Hoverboards / Skateboards / Non-ADA Scooters / Segways: if you have one of these, please check it in at bag check or, if it fits, please keep it inside your bag within the Event Facilities.

Using Roller Skates / Roller Blades






Weapons That are real or look a likes

Drones / UAV’s

Illegal Substances

Stickers / Adhesive Graphics (Keep them in your bags/pockets and off the walls/floors of the Event Facilities)

All signs bigger than 12 x 08, whether for a costume prop or not, are prohibited unless approved in writing for use by Event staff.

Non-Service Live Animals

Helium and Mylar Balloons

Lasers or Similar Items


Oversized Backpacks / Bags: No bags over the airplane carry-on size are permitted.

All bags, regardless of size, are subject to inspection at any time.

Motorized Vehicles (i.e. go-karts or kids’ battery-operated vehicles.)

Wheeled Carts / Wagons

Confetti / Loose Glitter (Glitter used on your costumes is OK)

Flammable Liquids

Open-Flame Use

Any activity prohibited by law and/or prohibited by any Event Facilities.







  • Dealers, and artists, herein referred to as exhibitors, understand that these rules are established to ensure a safe, orderly, and proper dealer and artist space, and to protect the safety, security, liability, and public image of the convention and/or it's attendees. Exhibitors agree that rules and policies, including these, are important and necessary for the smooth operation of the event, and they agree to abide by all such rules and policies.

  • By registering as an exhibitor, whether online or via mail if available, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  • The convention is authorized but not required to enforce these and any additional policies it may enact, and may provide penalties for violations of convention policies up to and including ejection from the convention without refund.

  • Exhibitors may bring no merchandise into the dealer’s room that would be illegal to sell, including, but not limited to bootleg DVDs, and unlicensed replicas or products. Artist artwork must have significant originality to meet copyright laws, which prohibits things such as but not limited to eyeballing and/or tracing.

  • Exhibitors agree they are solely responsible for the legality and merchantability of any items they sell.

  • We reserve the right to inspect a vendor's booth, or its products, at any time. We may open and inspect any item, box, or container that are in hidden packaging except items that are in their original manufacturer's packaging.

  • Only two chairs will be allowed beyond each table, so as not to infringe about the space of others. No exceptions. Exhibitors must not exceed the allotted space of their table, especially if sharing the table between multiple exhibitors.

  • Exhibitors are required to take down and remove all their things at night.

  • All exhibitors understand that the convention is solely responsible for leasing space to vendors as requested by purchasing space, however exhibitors are solely responsible for the merchantability of the items within the confines of that space, although the convention may still eject vendors who violate policies as violating policies constitutes violating the contract between the exhibitors and the event and prevents a safe, orderly, and proper dealer and artist space operation.

  • All exhibitors agree that they have, and are solely responsible for having, all the proper licensing that is required to do business at the convention or within the state or county.

  • Selling weapons to minors is prohibited. It is illegal to sell weapons to minors. We also ask that dealers selling these items take extra precautions in their displays to prohibit mishandling of merchandise. Projectiles, ammunition, or air-canisters for any gas-powered guns are not allowed. When selling weapons you must take care to securely package them and advise the purchaser that it can not be taken from the package at the convention without the approval of convention operations' weapon-inspection team.

  • Our convention is a family friendly event, and we ask dealers setting up to keep this in mind. The acceptability of displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Dealer's Room Coordinator. Dealers must take care to prevent children from viewing materials that are sexually explicit, extremely graphically violent, or otherwise unsuitable for children. Do not sell inappropriate materials to minors, as it is illegal.

  • Should any exhibitor find they can not attend the convention there will be no refund for cancelled spaces, and exceptions can not be made.

  • Dealers may not rent, sell, transfer, or sublet space to anyone else.

  • Space may be available on a first-come first-served basis, or any other basis as decided by the convention. Space may not be held for exhibitors until they have completed the registration process and paid in full.

  • Signs, decorations, banners, etc may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, painted surfaces, or columns at our convention facility.

  • The convention is not responsible for losses due to theft, damage, fire, or other causes. Exhibitors must take care to watch their own space during the exhibitor hours.

  • Dealers may be responsible for purchasing their own internet access or electricity through the venue, if it is needed.

  • We may ask any vendor to leave the convention at any time for any reason that we believe may harm the event.

  • We reserve the right to amend, adapt, modify, update or otherwise change these rules to protect the safety, security, liability, or public image of the convention and/or it's attendees, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the convention's executives.

All exhibitors further agree, the exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of exhibitor's activities on the premises and will indemnify, defend, its owner, and its management company, as well as their respective agents, servants, and employees from any and all such losses, damages, and claims.







Using the K-Expo brand and trademarks

These guidelines are designed to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks for any press coverage or when promoting your appearance, participation, or activity at K-Expo


K-Expo/ DramaFever /All that Group, LLC, is proud to have such as fans and supportive community. We created this Fan Site Policy to explain what you can and can’t do with our trademarks, including “K-Expo” “DramaFever,” and “All That Group, LLC,” (which we’ll call the “Trademarks” in this document).  This is important so that consumers and others aren't confused about what is and is not an official K-Expo web site, Facebook page, or other social media account.

You may use our Trademarks for personal, non-commercial websites and social media accounts (“Fan Sites”) provided that you follow the following guidelines.  Please note that these updates may be updated from time to time.

Please also bear in mind that K-Expo cannot give you the right to use any third-party content, including material that is screened or distributed at a convention or the publicity rights of any exhibitor, guest, or panel member at one of our conventions.  You will have to reach out to the owners of that content directly.

Your Site Must Identify Our Trademarks:

The first instance of each Trademark must be followed by the ® symbol, such as K-Expo ®. Each Fan Site must state that the applicable Trademark(s) are “registered trademarks of All That Group, LLC and are used with permission.  This site and its content are not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by, or affiliated with, All That Group, LLC.”

Your Site Must Distinguish Itself From Ours:

  • URLs must contain descriptive words that make clear from the URL alone that the site is a fan site (for example, "") and not an official K-Expo website. Please don’t use any domain name that closely mimics our Trademarks or K-Expo proprietary domains.  If you use a domain name that is confusingly similar, we’ll be forced to take action.

  • The Fan Site may not have a commercial purpose, such as selling products or promoting other services. You may not alter any Trademark or logo, or animate it, or incorporate it into yours.  All of these actions could confuse people about who is operating the site or account. Please ensure that your own logo (on your website or Facebook page) does not use the stylized font and color scheme of any K-Expo Trademark or logo.

Your Fan Site May Not:

  • Use the Trademarks to advertise any business, products or services;

  • Use profanity, violence, or sexually explicit content;

  • Reference drugs, alcohol, or illegal activity;

  • Include any derogatory reference to race, gender, religion, mental handicap, sexual orientation, weight, or physical impairment;

  • Reference political parties, politicians, or political affiliations; or

  • Alter or animate any Trademark or logo, or incorporate it into your own logo. You also cannot use our Trademarks if your own logo uses the stylized font and color scheme of any Trademark or logo because any of these actions could confuse people about who is operating the site or account.  Facebook pages, and Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts using any Trademark in their handle or account name must include the word "fan" or otherwise distinguish the account from one owned by K-Expo.


If you intend to charge a subscription or access fee to generate revenue from your Fan Site, or if you intend to generate advertising revenue from the Fan Site, we would require you to execute a license agreement with us.

K-Expo grants you no other rights in its Trademarks than those described in these guidelines and these guidelines do not give you the right to use any of its other intellectual property, such as copyrighted web site content or program materials.  We also reserve the right to take action at any time against any site whose contact is objectionable or inappropriate in our sole discretion.

© Copyright 2018 ALL THAT GROUP. Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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