MJ Choi is the founder/director of I Love Dance, the biggest dance academy specializing in K-pop outside of South Korea. The charismatic dancer/

choreographer/director MJ Choi received international recognition through her dance cover videos, flash mobs, and special workshops among 220,000 members on Youtube, IG, and FB. MJ Choi has brought K-pop performances and workshops at major events and museums all over the East Coast. She has made a big impact on spreading K-pop culture as a K-pop ambassador.

MJ Choi

Jeff Benjamin has been Billboard's K-Pop columnist for more than five years and has written about K-pop for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR, Teen Vogue, while being asked to share his expertise with CNN, USA Today, The Washington Post and beyond. He has shared groundbreaking stories about K-pop in America, including exclusives with BTS, CL, Psy, Infinite, (G)I-DLE while hosting events with KARD and Kevin Woo. In 2017, The New York Times referred to him as "the most knowledgeable person in America about K-pop."

Jeff Benjamin


David Le

StillNotDavid(David Le) is a Youtuber who has over 10M views and 100K subscribers on his channel. The K-Pop covers and comedy of him are LIT! Check it out on his YouTube channel before you meet him :)

Vivien Valz

Vivien Valz is a Youtuber who has over 232K subscribers and she posts KPOP Dance Covers, Vocal Covers and Vlogs on Astro. Vivien will be with you during the Random Dance Workshop and you will have the chance to dance WITH her! Let’s see if you can dance better than Vivien!

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